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What is MyFees

MyFees was designed to assist Architect, Engineer and Quantity Surveyor to calculate the fees proposal and generate invoices at their fingertips.

Why MyFees

Fast & Easy

Fees proposal can be made ready very fast.


Simple and friendly app interface made it easy to use

MyFees for All
MyFees acquired the unique features which would benefit others than Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors.


We want to make sure that we are paying them at allowable amount.


It our scope of job to manage the consultants fees.


We need to comply with the minimum scale of fees.


We find it very helpful to have an access to one stop centre to suppliers.

Why use MyFees
Why would the Architects, Engineers and QS use MyFees


Issuance of fees proposal in an instant


The app was created in respond to market research to the related stakeholder


Invoices created with customized template to the consultants infos


The app may notify the Clients on payments reminder via email

Standard Scale

The app promote the standard scale of fees as accordance to related acts and guidelines

Reduce mistakes

The app will reduce the mistakes made in issuing fees proposal to the Client

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MyFees available for Android and iOS
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